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Tips For Maintaining & Protecting Your Ferrari

July 29, 2019



In addition to keeping a car looking its best, consistent detailing is an important step in protecting a vehicle’s finish. Contaminants such as dirt, pollen, tree sap, and bird droppings can scratch and deteriorate painted surfaces if left over long periods. Given the value of a Ferrari, It is important to ensure that “best practices” are followed when performing a car wash; here are just a few from Mattioli Automotive Group’s (MAG) very own detailing specialists.

Use the proper products: Ensure that the soap and other cleaning products being used have been formulated specifically for automotive use. Excessively strong chemicals and detergents will not only strip the wax off but can also dull the finish on paint and trim.

All Towels are not equal: Microfibre towels offer low friction and can absorb more than seven times their weight in water, making them less abrasive and more effective than other towels. It is best to use a separate towel for each function (i.e..washing, drying, applying chemicals, etc). Also, towels should never be used if they are contaminated or have fallen on the ground; washing your towels often will help ensure that they are free of debris.

Two bucket Technique: To help prevent the re-introduction of dirt and contaminants It is best to employ the “two bucket technique” when washing your car. One bucket should contain the diluted soap and a second bucket should have clean water. After each pass with the soap, rinse contaminants off of the sponge in the clean water before re-introducing into the soap solution again.

Nooks and Crannies: Dirt and water can gather in the seams of the doors, trunk, and hood. It is important to clean and dry these areas thoroughly to prevent dripping onto clean surfaces.

Avoid Direct Sunlight: Water evaporates quickly in direct sunlight which can result in watermarks.

Is your Ferrari in need of a thorough and professional cleaning? Feel free to reach out to one of the Ferrari South Bay Service department to schedule a complete detailing service.

Protective Film


Stones, road debris, chemical stains, and UV damage are all potential dangers when exposing your prized Ferrari to the road and the elements. But owners can save themselves from headaches and costly refinishing bills simply by installing protective film over their immaculate finish. This nearly invisible film can be applied just to the most vulnerable surfaces or the entire vehicle depending on your needs and driving habits.



Protect your Ferrari against road hazards and the harsh elements before its too late. Ferrari South Bay contracts several of the top protective film installers to perform the service in our facility and can guarantee timely turnaround and flawless results. To learn more about protective film options for your Ferrari, or to schedule an appointment please contact the Ferrari South Bay Service department.

Ceramic Coating


Ceramic Coating is another popular option for protecting paint and other vehicle finishes. When compared to protective film, it can be a more comprehensive and economical alternative. Ceramic coating is a special chemical compound that is applied to various vehicle finishes to form a permanent bond with the surface. The result is a 9H+ hard coating that repels water and offers protection from UV rays, chemicals, oxidation, and corrosion. It can be applied to paint for protection against light scratches, wheels to prevent the build-up of brake dust, and glass for increased visibility in wet weather.


Ferrari South Bay contracts several of the top ceramic coating specialists to perform the service in our facility and we can guarantee timely turnaround and flawless results. To learn more about ceramic coating, or to schedule an appointment please contact one the Ferrari South Bay Service department.

Skid Plate


The most common dangers for Ferrari owners are steep driveways and parking curbs. Even with the optional lifter, which is available on newer models, there are still some obstacles that are too big to maneuver over unscathed. To add protection against marring the underside of the front bumper, many owners elect to install a skid plate.

This sacrificial piece of durable plastic polymer is precision cut to fit precisely on to the underside of the front bumper. The result is a nearly invisible layer of protection against costly paint and autobody repairs.

To learn more about skid plates for your Ferrari, or to schedule an appointment please contact the Ferrari South Bay Service departmentt. We stock an extensive inventory of skid plates for various models and can complete the installation in a matter of hours.

Battery Maintenance


The phrase “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it” has never been more accurate than with regards to automotive batteries. When a battery is in a discharged state for an extended period of time the lead sulfate crystals inside the battery begin to increase in size. The bigger the crystals get, the harder they are to dissolve which ultimately blocks the chemical reaction that allows the battery to charge, and eventually leads to battery failure.


For this reason, Genuine Ferrari offers Battery Re-conditioners which are designed to maintain a battery’s charge and combat the growth of sulfate crystals. A Battery Re-conditioner should be utilized any time a vehicle is parked for long periods of time. This is especially vital for new vehicles which contain more electrical components that put a drain the battery.

For specific questions regarding the use of the Ferrari Battery Re-conditioners or to order one for your vehicle, feel free to reach out to the Ferrari South Bay Service Department

“Sticky Buttons”


Over time, environmental factors and harsh chemicals can take a toll on the interior components of a mature Ferrari resulting in sticky buttons, controls, and trim pieces. The only remedies to this condition are to replace the deteriorated components or have them re-finished. Either way, the process is very involved. Thankfully, the Ferrari South Bay Service Department is very experienced with this issue and can help advise owners of their options when restoring their interior to like-new condition. If your Ferrari is in need of interior trim restoration, we invite you to reach out to the Ferrari South Bay Service Department to learn more or schedule a service appointment.

The Ferrari South Bay Service Department is happy to help with any inquiries about these and other services offered to help protect and maintain your Ferrari.