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October 11, 2023 | Carlos Preciado

Ferrari 296 GTB & 296 GTS Demonstrator Fleet

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New Ferrari 296 GTB & 296 GTS Demonstrators Grace The Ferrari South Bay Showroom.

Carlos Preciado
October 11, 2023

Ferrari South Bay is excited to introduce the latest additions to our fleet of demonstrators. The new Ferrari 296 GTB and 296 GTS will grace our showroom for their production lifecycles. These demos will not only offer clients seat time in a coupe or convertible to experience their magic firsthand, but will also offer inspiration for their inner car designer when it comes time to configure their very own!

With bodywork inspired by the Ferrari 250LM which won Le Mans in 1965, The 296 GTB and GTS represent a revolution in Ferrari’s rear-engine road cars and is the spiritual successor to a lineage that started with the 308 in 1975. With the 296, Ferrari introduces a new 120° V6 “Hot V” engine coupled with a plug-in (PHEV) electric motor capable of delivering 816 horsepower and propelling the car to 60 mph in just 2.7 seconds.  The accompanying exhaust note is the “ripping silk” soundtrack that has punctuated Ferrari’s fame for over seven decades, but if you’d like to exit your neighborhood without waking the neighbors, you can drive a 296 for up to 8 miles on electricity alone.

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1963 Ferrari 250 LM

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2022 Ferrari 296 GTB

Our 296 GTB demonstrator is finished in Rosso Imola (the color Ferrari used to launch this model), and is fitted with a wide array of bespoke options.  The 250LM inspiration is most obvious here, as this car features Ferrari’s Assetto Fiorano package - augmented with a Fiorano racing stripe in Argento Nurburgring – a livery often worn by 250LMs while racing, which made them a standout on any starting grid.  The interior is fitted with carbon fiber racing seats and is filled with carbon fiber and Rosso leather.  The Assetto Fiorano package also upgrades the suspension with Multimatic dampers, further emphasizing the sporting character which lies beneath all 296s; you will never forget you’re driving a car inspired by a Le Mans winner!

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2023 Ferrari 296 GTS

Our 296 GTS demonstrator is no less athletic, adding a dose of elegance and civility with its dual-mode suspension which is as suited to a track as it is to less-than-perfect streets.  The striking two-tone Blue Corsa with Nero color scheme enhances its sporty, agile appearance. The lightweight carbon fiber wheels not only improve performance and handling by massively reducing unsprung weight and rotational mass, they add a touch of sophistication to the overall design.  Inside, our 296 GTS boasts carbon fiber race seats finished in Sabbia leather. Push a button on the center console and the roof opens, increasing headroom to “infinite” in 17 seconds at up to 28 mph!  This car is not only a joy to look at but also a thrill to drive with the top open or closed.

Visit the gallery, above, to see these gorgeous machines in greater detail.  If you wish to learn more about the 296 model range, please visit the link below, or contact the Ferrari South Bay Sales team to set up a private viewing.