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June 1, 2023 | Carlos Preciado

Presenting The Ferrari Purosangue

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Ferrari South Bay Presents the Ferrari Purosangue, the first 4-door, 4-seater Ferrari in the brands rich history.

Carlos Preciado
June 1, 2023

The new Ferrari Purosangue, meaning thoroughbred in Italian, is the first 4-door, 4-seater Ferrari in the brands rich history of performance vehicles, designed to offer a unique driving appeal in a modern GT archetype. Performance, driving pleasure, and comfort are engineered to exist harmoniously in this new platform.

Exterior Design: The exterior design hosts a sleek athletic appeal that sets it apart from other four-door, four-seater cars. In place of a conventional front grille is a dihedral, a theme that continues along the body to the rear muscle, which dives into a horizontal cut line incorporating the taillights at its tips. The rear diffuser and wide stance give the Purosangue an imposing presence. 

Engine: Under the bonnet offers a mid-front-mounted naturally aspirated V12 presented in a new configuration to produce 725 bhp. The V12 is designed in such a way to offer the highest amount of torque at the low revs with 80% of the maximum torque available at just 2100 rpm. The cylinder heads are borrowed from the Ferrari 812 Competizione, and the intake, timing, and exhaust system have been completely re-designed to give the Purosangue a bespoke driving feel. 

Chassis & Body: The body is characterized by the rear-hinged backdoors offering more efficient ingress & egress while maintaining a compact frame. Maranello’s engineers optimal weight distribution for a mid-front-engined sports car are maintained at 49:51% by mounting the gearbox at the rear to create a transaxle layout. 

Dynamics: The new Purosangue is equipped with the latest in Ferrari’s vehicle dynamic systems already integrated into its most powerful and exclusive sports cars. By borrowing technology from the SF90 Stradale, the 812 Competitzione, and the 296 GTB, the Pursosangue excels with optimizing performance and repeatability in all road conditions. A world first, the Purosangue debuts Ferrari active suspension technology, a symbiotic relationship of hydraulic shock absorbers and electric motors that actively apply forces at each of the four dampers to improve ride comfort and provide flat cornering performance. 

Interior:The interior is nothing short of elegant, as the doors open to reveal a sophisticated luxury interior the combines modern design language with Ferrari’s signature GT sports car aesthetic. The driving experience is shared via a 10.25” display for the front passenger, providing all the necessary information to participate in the driving experience. A Ferrari first, the cabin offers four separate independently adjustable seats delivering unprecedented occupant comfort, encapsulated in elegance that is typical of Ferrari’s design ethos.  

The perfect amalgamation of performance and luxury, the Ferrari Purosangue, a proper Italian thoroughbred to encapsulate the Prancing Horse’s DNA.