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June 30, 2023 | Carlos Preciado

The First-Road Legal XX Car

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Two new Prancing Horses – the Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale and the Ferrari SF90 XX Spider.

Carlos Preciado
June 30, 2023

When the SF90 Stradale was revealed in 2019 it posed the immediate question, could something so groundbreaking ever be improved upon? This week, Ferrari gave their answer with an incredible unveiling at Pista Fiorano. Introducing the two newest Limited Edition Prancing Horses: The Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale and the Ferrari SF90 XX Spider.


SF90 XX Spider

Ferrari's Special Version cars push the performance of its production models to new extremes. Some, such as the 488 Pista and 812 Competizione, have earned a rightful place in the Prancing Horse's recent pantheon. Ferrari's 'XX Programme, on the other hand, offers a select group of expert client drivers extreme cars  that are not homologated for the road, to drive on the very limit on the track.
One such model is the FXX-KEVO. Ferrari has now drawn on these two different spheres of experience to create a Special Version that draws on the programme's concepts to make it effectively a road-legal XX: the SF90 XX Stradale. Its performance has been raised to impressive new heights by an additional 30 cv, specific software logics and the use of radical new aero solutions, not least a fixed rear wing, the first to appear on a road-going Ferrari since the days of the F50.