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November 28, 2023 | Carlos Preciado

The Pinnacle of Ferrari Ownership

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These new cars to come out of the Ferrari Factory represent the pinnacle of Ferrari ownership.

Carlos Preciado
November 28, 2023

Ferrari’s production model range offers an incredible array of performance and luxury to suit nearly every desire. For many, owning a production Ferrari of any vintage is a dream come true. For the most passionate and discerning Ferraristi there exists an entirely separate world of rarified possibilities including Tailor Made, Special Series, Icona, Supercars, Race Cars, XX Program, and lastly One-Off.

This year, Ferrari has announced several unique masterpieces that fit some of these exclusive categories. Presenting the Ferrari 499P MODIFICATA, 296 Challenge, SP-8, and KC23.

Ferrari 499P MODIFICATA.jpg

499P MODIFICATA - For the new Sport Prototipi program to run alongside the XX and F1 Clienti programs.


A special version of the Ferrari 499P Hypercar that made history at the 100th 24 Hours of Le Mans will soon be made available to some of Ferrari’s most select clients! This unique machine has been dubbed the 499P Modificata. It opens up a new category of customer track car, called Sport Prototipi Clienti. Beginning in 2024, the 499P Modificata will take place alongside the XX and F1 Clienti programs. 

The 499P Modificata was designed as a ‘non-competitive’ model and thus will not be subject to the WEC regulations imposed on the original 499P. It may be difficult to imagine that a race car of this caliber could get any better, but the Ferrari engineers accomplished just that. 

The hybrid powertrain uses a 3.0-litre twin-turbo engine derived from the 296 GT3 which has been reworked; combined with an electric motor on the front axle that is now more powerful and unrestricted. The original 499P e-drive system was only able to operate at speeds above 190 km/hm, while this new version’s e-power is available from the start line. Torque distribution between the front and rear axles of the Modificata’s all-wheel drive system have also been optimized for greater response and drivability. To ensure that power is accessible in all conditions, a new traction control and start-assist logic have been developed. It’s also equipped with special Pirelli tires that heat up faster, degrade less and maximize feedback. 

One of the most exciting changes has to be the ‘Push to Pass’ system, which is activated using a button at the back of the steering wheel. This system opens up an additional 163 cv for up to seven seconds per lap, unleashing a total power of 870 cv. This is a stark difference from the WEC’s ‘balance of performance’ rules which limit the original 499P’s total power output to 670 cv.

Ferrari 296 Challenge.jpg

296 Challenge - The 2024 race car for Ferrari's motorsport championship

Ferrari 296 Challenge

Ferrari Challenge, the longest-running single make racing league, recently unveiled the new race car for the 2024 season, the 296 Challenge.

Ferrari has optimized the 296 GTB’s performance, aerodynamics, consistency and repeatability to create the 296 Challenge. This is the first Challenge car to be powered by a V6 engine, although the road car’s hybrid components have been removed to reduce weight. That said, the power output is still something to be respected, with 700 cv and 234 cv/litre setting a record for specific power output in this segment. These gains are thanks in part to a reworked exhaust, increased boost, and a new turbo. There have also been improvements in the car’s braking, with the introduction of CCM-R PLUS manufacturing techniques which improve the discs’ durability and the thermal properties while building to operating temperature quickly, while also dissipating excess heat.

In addition, the 296 Challenge’s aero package delivers incredible downforce. With the spoiler at its max angle, the car is able to generate over of 870 kg of downforce at 250 km/h.

Ferrari SP8.jpg

SP-8 - A Ferrari One-Off Creation

Ferrari SP-8

Ferrari's latest creation did not experience the traditional design evolution of most other Ferraris. Instead of originating as a sketch from the Ferrari Styling Centre, it was derived from the vision of a single client. Such cars are not destined for the masses, they are “One-Off” examples built for those who imagine them. This is a rare breed that represents the pinnacle of Ferrari customization.

This Ferrari SP-8 is an incredible addition to the One-Off program, resulting from a collaboration between a Taiwanese client and the Ferrari Styling Centre. 

While this One-off was born from a F8 Spider, the complete removal of the roof necessitated considerable R&D to support the impressive powerplant and optimize aerodynamics. Suffice to say there was relentless testing in the wind tunnel and on the track to ensure it delivers the performance and comfort expected by an automobile bearing the Cavallino badge. 

Inspiration for this One-Off was not just limited to the F8 Spider, the rear lights are derived from the Ferrari Roma; the windscreen and tailpipe treatment came from the 296 GTB and the five-spoke wheels are a modern take on those from the F40 and classic Ferrari Sports Prototypes. 

Other notable details on the exterior include the full-width cast aluminum grille which widens towards the flanks to channel air through to the radiators. To finish the car, Blu Scuro Stellato paint was used to link the bodywork sections and matte Argento Micalizzato was created to pair with the glossy iridescent Blue Sandstone carbon-fiber. 

Inside the car, seats are detailed in laser-etched Navy Blue Alcantara and gradient effect cloth. The  carpet in is a unique twill fabric that gives an iridescent effect.

Ferrari KC23.jpg

KC23 - A Ferrari One-Off Creation Exclusively For Non-competitive Track Use

Ferrari KC23

Another Ferrari to come from the Special Projects Program in the recent past is the KC23. It made its first public appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK July 2023, then went on display at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello in the Fall of 2023. 

This track-focused yet elegant “One-Off” supercar was born from a collaboration with one very inspired customer. The futuristic body is sits atop proven race car architecture from the 488 GT3 EVO. Ground-breaking motorized aerodynamics and a removable rear wing allow for two different configurations which give this machine completely different personalities. 

Considering that the KC23 is derived from Ferrari’s most successful track car - with over 530 victories and 119 championship wins- public roads cannot contain its fury, thus it is destined exclusively for non-competitive track use.  

At standstill the car presents itself as a sleek and futuristic machine;  many of the aerodynamic features reveal its sleek and monolithic form, as if it were sculpted from a single block of metal.  The appearance, however, transforms dramatically upon pressing the Engine Start button: the imposing air intakes and active aerodynamics present themselves and the car demands to be set free on the track.

From conceptions, the KC23’s performance was destined to be radical and free of constraints from racing homologation, while still presenting a sophisticated and timeless appearance. There is no doubt that it is an instant classic that will hold its own against some of the most iconic Ferrari’s in history. This feat was no simple task: nearly every detail on the exterior of the 488 GT3 Evo 2020 was redesigned. 

Some of the most dramatic changes to the exterior include butterfly doors, like those on the LaFerrari. One can’t help noticing noticing the futuristic headlights and taillights; with those at the front inspired by the 499P racer car and a rear light blade inspired by the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo single-seater concept.

The KC23 is finished in a dynamic new four-layer Gold Mercury paint that changes in sunlight. The cabin is as one would expect of a race car, spartan and purposeful, with few concessions to luxury.