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February 5, 2024 | Carlos Preciado

Ferrari Factory Tours

We welcome visitors to tour the historic, yet state-of-the-art Ferrari Factory.

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Welcoming visitors to the Ferrari Factory is an important part of the Prancing Horse philosophy. We want to give our clients the opportunity to explore the facility and see the magic firsthand. By immersing yourself fully in the Ferrari experience, we hope you’ll take home a little of the passion and quest for excellence that makes us unique

Carlos Preciado
February 5, 2024

When you step through the gates of the Ferrari Factory in Maranello, northern Italy, you are entering one of the most advanced automotive facilities in the world… but you are also immersing yourself in our heritage. Maranello is the scene of eight decades of Ferrari passion and innovation. Our founder Enzo Ferrari set up his headquarters here in 1943, and it was through these very gates that the first car to wear the Ferrari badge, the 125 S, was driven in 1947.

Enzo Ferrari decided to move his operations from his birthplace in nearby Modena to Maranello because of the land just beside the factory. Today this land is home to the Fiorano Circuit where Scuderia Ferrari F1 cars and production cars alike have been tested since 1972 – and a wealth of buildings and leading-edge facilities designed by world-class architects. You’ll see them all on your visit to the Ferrari Campus. We’re immensely proud of our home in Maranello and what we achieve here.

What is a Ferrari Factory Tour?
The factory tour at Ferrari offers an immersive experience spanning various departments including the mechanical workshop, engine assembly, and car assembly lines. Visitors also get insight into the GES racing division, witnessing F1 vehicle assembly and GT sporting activities. The tour includes visits to the Ferrari Museum and Store, providing a comprehensive overview of the brand's history and merchandise. 

How Long is the Ferrari Factory Tour?
The duration of the tour is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, with routes subject to change to accommodate Ferrari's schedule.

How to book a Ferrari Factory Tour?
Inquire about availability and scheduling for a Ferrari Factory Tour by contacting your Ferrari South Bay Sales Associate or the Ferrari South Bay Marketing Manager directly.

Where is the Ferrari Factory Tour?
The meeting point for all factory visits is the main reception of Ferrari S.p.A. – Via Abetone Inferiore, 4 - Maranello.