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The most powerful series-production Ferrari

The F12berlinetta delivers unparalleled performance. Its direct-injection, 6,262cc normally-aspirated V12 engine introduces a new generation of innovations, winning awards, building passion.

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740 cv
Max Torque
690 Nm
Max Speed
340+ KPH
Technical specifications
  • Powertrain

    TypeV12 - 65°
    Overall displacement6262 cc
    Max Power740 CV at 8250 rpm
    Max Torque690 Nm at 6000 rpm
    Max Engine Speed8700 rpm
    Compression Ratio13.5:1
  • Performance

    0-100 KM/H3.1 sec
    0-200 KM/H8.5 sec
    Max Speed>340 km/h
  • Dimension and Weight

    Length4618 mm
    Width1942 mm
    Height1273 mm
    Wheelbase2720 mm
    Weight distribution46% front, 54% rear
    DRY WEIGHT1525 kg
  • Tires

    Front255/35 ZR 20 9.5J
    Rear315/35 ZR 20 11.5J

A Closer Look Into The F12 Berlinetta

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  • Interior

    The F12berlinetta cabin design has an understated yet sophisticated look where volumes are reduced to a minimum to enhance sportiness, efficiency and comfort. The design’s strongest feature is the logical, ergonomic layout of the various functions within the cockpit: the essential architecture embraces and enhances the Human Machine Interface which allows the driver to reach all of the controls without taking his hands off the steering wheel and displays all of the information he requires directly ahead. The tunnel console is both light and functional. The central bridge incorporates the F1 gearbox and hazard warning light buttons, and is one of the cabin’s signature elements. The seats have been reduced in volume to ensure freer occupant movement within the cabin and extreme comfort. The headrest is fully integrated into the backrest, giving the seat a very modern, track-inspired feel. The rear of the cockpit features an upholstered rear bench with leather luggage straps to hold bags securely in place.
  • Exterior

    The F12berlinetta’s design conveys a perfect balance between maximum aerodynamic efficiency and the elegant proportions typical of Ferrari’s front-engined V12. The car is absolutely original and unique, a true marriage of technology and aesthetics. The F12berlinetta has low, sleek coupé lines with powerfully sculpted flanks whose contours curve and dip to channel the air flows from the bonnet. The front is dominated by an imposing grille that draws air into the engine bay to cool the V12. On either side of it are electronically-controlled guide vanes which help cool the brakes. The rear is characterized by a modern, functional reinterpretation of the Kamm tail which seamlessly integrates the two vertical fences of the rear diffuser. The resulting original T-shape also incorporates two full-LED circular tail-lights and the clearly F1-inspired rear fog light.
  • Powertrain

    The F12berlinetta’s maximum power of 731 hp at an operatic 8250 rpm is also accompanied by remarkable flexibility. A healthy 80 percent of the maximum 508 lb-ft of torque is available from merely 2500 rpm. This powerplant also records a specific output – horsepower relative to displacement – of 116 hp per liter. Naturally, the net effect is massive maximum acceleration at low speeds right up to the 8700 rpm redline.
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"Neither fragile nor delicate, the F12 is bombastic, epic and howlingly fast. There’s nothing else remotely like it. "

Top Gear
June 30, 2012
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F12 Berlinetta

The term "Berlinetta" gained popularity thanks to Ferrari in the 1950s. It is employed to describe closed-cockpit sports coupes, typically featuring two seats.

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