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Extreme performance and maximum efficiency

Residing in the upper echelon of supercar stature is Ferrari’s fastest and most technologically advanced car, the LaFerrari. Boastings an extremely powerful 6.3 liter V12 and further supplemented by an electric motor, The LaFerrari It is the first of what will be many production cars to emerge from Maranello with a hybrid drivetrain.

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V12 Hybrid
963 cv
Max Torque
900 Nm
Max Speed
350+ KPH
Technical specifications
  • Powertrain

    TypeV12 - 65°
    Overall displacement6262 cc
    Total Max Power963 CV
    Max. power output*800 CV @9000 rpm
    Total Max Torque>900 Nm
    Max Torque700Nm @6750 rpm
    Max Engine Speed9250 rpm
    Compression Ratio13.5:1
    Electric Motor Output120 Kw
  • Gearbox

    Type7-SPEED DCT
  • Performance

    0-100 KM/H<3 sec
    0-200 KM/H<7sec
    0-300 KM/H15sec
    Max Speed>350 km/h
  • Dimension and Weight

    Length4702 mm
    Width1992 mm
    Height1116 mm
    Wheelbase2650 mm
    Weight distribution41% fr, 59% r
  • Tires

    Front265/30 - 19
    Rear345/30 - 20

A Closer Look Into The LaFerrari

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  • Interior

    The cockpit of the LaFerrari is a far departure from traditional road cars; it is more evocative of its motorsports origins but retains the essential driver conveniences. The most notable design feature is that the seat is fixed in position and instead the steering wheel and pedal box adjust to meet the driver’s hands and feet. Secondly, all the mission-critical controls are placed directly in front of the driver, with secondary controls located on the door panel.
  • Exterior

    The radical and futuristic design of the LaFerrari’s exterior is a result of its hybrid running gear architecture and aerodynamic efficiency targets. The ingenious packaging of the cockpit, drivetrain, and hybrid components allowed for a lower center of gravity and balance, yet, it retains the classic mid-rear-engine sports car form, only with dramatically more striking proportions and cutting-edge details that convey its enormous power and aggressiveness.
  • Powertrain

    LaFerrari is outfitted with an ingeniously packaged 788bhp V12 engine that is paired with a 160bhp electric motor to produce an astonishing power output of 949bhp. The electric motor is mainly utilized at low speeds, which allowed Ferrari engineers to optimize the combustion engine for high-speed performance. By utilizing numerous technological advancements from their F1 know-how, the engineers were able to achieve unparalleled efficiency and power output. Situated between the engine and motor is a 7-speed, dual clutch gearbox that boasts the fastest shift times of any system to date. All this has been efficiently packaged with no impact on overall dimensions or wheelbase, and actually lowered the center of gravity of the vehicle.
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"a V12 with KERS electrification that amounts to 950bhp of pure industrial awesomeness.”"

Top Gear
February 6, 2015
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Limited edition special series of 499

As with all special series vehicle, production are extremely limited. Only 499 of the worlds most dedicated Ferraristas were given the opportunity to own a LaFerrari, with a 500th car auctioned off at Finali Mondiali to benefit the reconstruction of Central Italy in the aftermath of the 2016 earthquakes.

Ferrari Advantages

  • Seven-year free maintenance

    The 7-Year Genuine Maintenance programme provides your Ferrari with regular scheduled maintenance, genuine spare parts and meticulous checks by our professional technicians.
  • 3-year/unlimited-mileage warranty

    Every new Ferrari car comes with a 3-year warranty, which allows you to enjoy your driving experience without worrying about the unexpected.
  • 24-hour roadside assistance

    Ferrari Road side Assistance provides prompt relief for unforeseen roadside disablement. We can arrange a flatbed to the nearest authorized Ferrari dealer or advise if it is safe to drive your vehicle.

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